Get Ready: November is National Adoption Month

adoptive and biological family

me, with my birth mother, adoptive father, and five of my six biological siblings

While everyone is focused on preparations for Halloween & Dia de Los Muertos, let us not forget that November is National Adoption Month.

According to the latest census, there are 6 million adoptees in the United States. That number is constantly growing as 125,000 families are actively trying to adopt, annually. One in three Americans is impacted by adoption, as a member of a birth family, an adoptive family, or as an adoptee.

So chances are that you know more than one person whose life has been shaped by adoption. Hallmark doesn’t exactly make a card for it…. so here are some ways to participate this November:

  • If you are a member of the adoption triad (birth family, adoptee, or adoptive family) join an adoption support group and share your stories
  •  If you know a family that has recently grown through adoption, make a point to help welcome the new child, just as you would a newborn.
  • A wish of ‘good luck’ and support for a friend that may be trying to locate their biological family is always welcome.
  • Or, if you are just a supporter you can sign a petition to support access to open adoption records.

Throughout life, we all ‘adopt’ family of various forms– those people who are ‘like’ sisters, mothers, fathers, or brothers to us– so you could also take a moment to thank your own adopted family (in whatever form they take) for putting up with your random array of craziness.

I know I will : )