People Who Love People Who Love Books


i love the debris that collects in library books.  and i don’t mean skin flakes and finger oil, hair….i’m talking about slips of RiteAid receipts that list a gallon of white zinfandel and 2 bags of pork rinds, a slice of a syllabus for PHIL201 FALL SEMESTER 2002, recipe cards…. the best are the lonely pieces of paper with the fragment of a thought scribbled “do flowers always mean death, or can they also mean RENEWAL??? what are they doing HERE?” the first thing i do when i get a book out of the library is page through them to find these treasure, and wonder about the story is there….

a couple days ago, the Gent and i went to change out our books, and he picked up Diary by Chuck Palahniuk, and on the last page, right where it would land over Chuck’s author photo when the book is closed, was a lipstick kiss. and then some math.

…one of my favorite things i have ever found in a library book….

i am currently staying on the memoir train and reading: [sic] by joshua cody, and The Memory Palace by Mira Bartok.


and i’m busting out my spring nail color– coral. it’s one of the only shades that makes my complexion look vibrant rather than ghostly. if i’m staring at my fingers all day, may as well make it interesting… Image