Will the Real Mary King Please Stand Up?


Q_MARYKINGPOLO_INDIGO_AI like my name. Mary King. Its simple without being too plain. The King has a monarchical flourish that is not overly fussy. You expect Mary King to be sharp, classic, maybe a little bookish, no?

Well, as luck would have it, others have liked the name before me. And others have published under the name, too. Like Mary King, the famous British equestrian who has not only published an autobiography, but also branded her name across a line of ladies’ apparel. See above.

I have so many feelings about this garment. First: What a provocative display of ego. The embroidered signature is just There. Right up front. BAM. Second: it’s a lot of look, though, amirite? Third: WHY DON’T I ALREADY OWN THIS?

Eerily, her signature is pretty close to way I sign my name, too.

But I understand how the internet works.  In the interests of avoiding confusion, I’m probably going to have to change the name I publish under. Mary Anna King isn’t so bad.  I mean, I might need two lines of embroidery on *my* branded line of ladies’ apparel, but that is a risk I am willing to take.

One thought on “Will the Real Mary King Please Stand Up?

  1. Actually, I really like Mary Anna King. It has a certain elegance. You should definitely consider using it.

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